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"Lumos's mission is to provide solutions, durable and beautiful lighting products, ensuring uniqueness, architectural aesthetics, reasonable cost and maximum competitiveness.

Therefore, we are always committed to listening, understanding and finding the best solution for each customer's specific needs."

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Design Consulting

"Highlight the unique mark and uniqueness of each architecture and landscape.

Lumos always puts its heart into listening, understanding and finding optimal solutions for each customer's specific needs"


Electrical & Lighting Design

Providing the most reputable lighting solutions and equipment, ensuring uniqueness and architectural aesthetics, at the most reasonable and competitive cost.

Providing Lighting Equipment


Manufacturing Special Lighting Equipment


Euro Tower

Acreage: 1000 m2 Deployment category: Electrical & Lighting Design

Euro Tower

Address: Hà Nội
Acreage: 1000 m2
Deployment category: Electrical & Lighting Design
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