Designing lighting

"With Lumos, light is a real work of art, an important factor that strongly affects the atmosphere and experience of people's living environment"

Lumos Provides

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Sustainability, ecological awareness, creativity and innovative thinking are at the forefront of our minds when designing spaces for the future.


Civil Construction

Lumos provides innovative and effective solutions, bringing harmony between green technology, environmentally friendly materials, smart management, and sustainable energy sources for your projects.

Urban Construction, Landscape

Landscape urban works require a combination of environmental lighting, using natural light and artificial light in a balanced way. Lumos always offers optimal solutions to help create attractive, safe and interesting living and working spaces in an increasingly urban environment.

Industrial Construction

Lighting solutions for industrial buildings require a combination of energy-saving technology, smart control systems, and safe and sustainable design. Lumos design experts, electrical engineers and managers always ensure that the implemented solution achieves optimal performance and fully meets the requirements.

Implementation Process

  • Site Evaluation

    Lumos will survey, discuss and evaluate the current and future site. At the same time, learn about customers' needs to shape the design model.
  • Ideas & Budget Planning

    Implement design and build concept ideas to discuss with the Investor, Develop preliminary designs to help customers initially visualize and have an overview of the project mine
  • Detailed Design

    Implementation of detailed design includes: - Electrical drawing design. - Design lighting diagrams. - Deploy 3D lighting effects on the project - Prepare an estimate for customers about the project
  • Selection of Materials and Equipment

    Providing customers with the most optimal products and solutions in terms of functionality and deployment construction as well as investment costs.
  • Implementation

    Project implementation: regularly have exchanges and interactions on site with the investor. During implementation, meet progress and coordinate harmoniously between different parts of the project. Before being put into use, the project needs to be monitored and adjusted so that the products delivered to customers are of the highest quality.

Euro Tower

Address: Hà Nội
Acreage: 1000 m2
Deployment category: Electrical & Lighting Design
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