Recessed ceiling lights

07 Downlight Pompeii

Ceiling Downlight LS-PP-R69X
Lumos LED Downlights use Cree LED chips with high lighting efficiency and reduced power consumption.
Long life of up to 50,000 hours, not limiting the number of times it is turned on and off.
Wide voltage range, EMC/EMI electromagnetic compatibility.
Lumos LED lights have a wide voltage range (AC85-265V), flicker-free, and do not cause electromagnetic interference to themselves or other products.
The product is designed for high-end spaces with the Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 90
Civil lighting.
Office lighting
Public lighting: shopping centers, supermarkets…
Brand LUMOS CRI 90
Model LS-PP-R69X
07 URG <19
Input Voltage 220VAC SDCM <3
Power 7W Control
Dali, Dim 0/12, Zigbee, On-off
Luminous Flux 770Lm Environment Temperature
Brand of LED Cree Life time 50.000h
Size Φ113*H35mm Flicker
Cut out
Φ75mm Driver Isolated
Color Tempreture 3000K, 4000K, IP Class 20
Beam Angle 24°, 60° Materials


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